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If you are a qualified voter living in Doña Ana County we encourage you to register to vote. Click here for a complete list of all locations you can register at, or click here to register to vote online.For overseas and armed forces electors: You can easily register to vote by following these 2 steps: Step 1.The website allows you to locate your polling station on the map and request for transposition within a constituency.The website also accepts application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an overseas elector.The reason: she finds the voter registration process cumbersome and time-consuming.The National Voter Service Portal (NVSP), which was launched in January this year, provides single-window services to the electors.All registrations submitted after the 28th day prior to an election will not be processed until the Monday following the election. Although voter information is public record, birth date and social security number will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed.You must register with a major political party (Democrat or Republican) if you wish to take part in that party's primary election, caucus, or convention.

But despite becoming eligible to vote 10 years ago, she has never exercised her franchise.

Download the Overseas and Armed Forces Electors Federal Post Card Application. Mail, Fax (575) 527-9857, or e-mail [email protected] signed Federal Post Card Application to your County Clerk.

You must submit your application at least 28 days before an election in order for it to be processed for that election.

Through the website, an Indian citizen can search his name in the National Electoral Roll by entering some basic details, apply for a new registration and request for modification in personal details, such as name and postal address.

Besides, you can view the details of your polling booth, assembly or parliamentary constituencies.Updating the information on your voter registration is simple; just submit a new form with the updated information.



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