Updating my thread box software

I have started this thread in the hope it will be continued as a list of updates as, or shortly after, they come out where users can report compatibility problems, severe problems, sneaky tactics, other problems, badly done coding (for anyone who can understand it), crashes or othr issues experinced after installing updates.Ideally reports would have certainty as to WHICH (because updates usualy come in bunches) update caused what issue/ did what/ added what "feature"/"flaw" / wrecked which third party software program /etc /etc.Hi, first post and I'm going to start with a newbie question! Its running 7.2, makerware says 7.5 is ready, but I've been trying for over an hour to get it to update.I've tried every combination of reset, then upload, other way round, etc.and I don't want to go in there and look to see that it's still hanging... (more at the link to my thread.....) A new load of updates came out today, anyone had problems yet?On windows 8 there are 24 or so important ones, including many for patching the microsoft office programs (word, publisher,powerpoint,excel).


Because with the way microsoft provides it's information on these matters it can be extremely cryptic and it is clear that when they make mistakes/try dirty tactics thye do not want to tell the world that they have just done it.

I don't know if any other websites, forum threads are currently giving user reports of what updates are doing (as shortly after the update's release as possible) but i think it would be a very benficial thing to start.



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