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and to Mougeki Mero for the portraits and bonus on additional info on Osana and others Link: Coming Soon Is my first mod so is not going to be that good and if there are grammar mistake sorry I tried my best ( i speak spanish) and it supposed to be that pippi was killed but no one konws , they think that she desapear This Mod adds stuff from Death Note : Json File : adds Ryuzaki (L) Light Yaganami and Misa Amane : Finished Music : Nightmare - The World, Nightmare - Alumina, Zetsubosu Billy : Work in Progress Skins : Work-In-Progress Link : ... It's just a fun little mod I made, nothing too special.

Baron Luke Productions Baron Luke_Productions Kgftbz Kgftbz Drewmorg5643 a.k.a DWO Drewmorg5643 There will be three versions of the mod : English, Spanish and French. Please ask to use this mod for making your own but DO NOT take this mod and call it your own. Oh yeah, Osana Najimi will walk through the gate and head up to the roof top. dl=0 Go to https://yandere-simulator.org/ to get any version of Yandere Simulator.

She became depressed and lonely, she has no one to talk to, and everyone that she walked by made fun of her. The player will have the choice to brutally murder the bully or simply lure them into a trap. Link: Coming Soon This mod is only 29% so you cant Download The Mod yet but i got some pic of it so far Download Link : Coming Soon video of the mod link : Video is coming soon Name of the People who helped Original Characters are the communities way of expressing creativity and loyalty to the Yandere Simulator community. Now, you always see OC mods but this one is unique, it will have lots of cool new features, personalities, clubs etc.) It isn't a mainstream mod that loads are Volunteering for, it is just a simple one where your characters can become alive.

Ijimi had become the most hated student in the school because of those girls. The protagonist, (Ijimi) has a new appearance and a new uniform. At the start of each week, you will learn more about Ijimi's past.



So they started gossiping about her to every students they could, until ruining her reputation completely.

At first, she was the most popular girl in the school. They slowly became more popular among students, but still not as popular as Ijimi.

Play With Yandere Dev And The Rivals In One Mod Wow Ijimi Garu is one of the students of Yamamura High School. Six girls from another high school were transferred to Yamamura High School.

n.n This mod includes my OC Kanna Kaito and other things like rival-chan https://mega.nz/#F! 47UT9d GTSwyh UOOv_xl Nm A I hope you enjoy the mod.

Head Stylist and Assistant to Nerissa Nefeteri, Andrea Nicole (@andreashopsforyou) has been in small business for over 6 years and professionally singing and songwriting for most of her life.Thru her style and sound, she’s shared stages with the likes …I WAS JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ORDINARY GIRL WHEN I PULLED INTO THE PARKING LOT OUTSIDE THE BAR, BUT BY THE END OF THE NIGHT I HAD BEEN TAKEN AGAINST MY WILL AND FORCED INTO SEX SLAVERY .



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    But mixing in hallucinations of mob hits, the Philip Glass piece "Opening" from Mishima, and the image of a defiant Elliot digging through his own vomit to re-swallow the pills Mr.

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