Updating multiple rows in gridview

I'm using visual studio 2010 and sql server 2008 for this sample.Plot and Flat or something else next time may be it will be City or country. But how will I determine or loop through header rows?Moreover, there is already an Edit button to update records, when user click it another page open for the record to be updated and whatever he wants to update, it updates. I don't want to disturb the already provided Edit functionality and want to provide same record to be updated. String Builder sb = new String Builder(); foreach (Grid View Row row in Grid View1. How will i get the header row with hyperlinks that I created above?? Header Row, it gets the original column header and not the custom header. In this article, we will explore how to add, update, delete and select a record from sql server database using gridview control in a simple way.This article describes on how to add multiple columns and rows in Grid View without using a database. I'm having trouble because in some instances it won't run because the subquery is returning multiple rows from the INSERTED table. For some reason it will only add it during the last iteration through the for/next statement.Basically the Grid View will be populated with data based on the values entered in each Text Boxes on Button Click and retain the Grid View data on post back. I tried manually adding three separate .addat statements to different rows and it only executed the last .addat statement. CI have extended a gridview to add an additional header with following two hyperlink controls "Select All" and "Clear All".There should be checkbox before every row and if user wants to update Plot and Flat No that is same for 10 rows out of 15 so he will check the rows and update. I only need to add the scrollbar to datarows and not to the header.For this a dialog box should appear asking for the parameter i.e. I am trying to extend my control to include hte scrollbar by adding div during Render function.So you can see what will happen if you set text value in that cell. I'm having difficulty adding a repeating header row, every x rows, to a gridview.


Hi I am using an Sql Data Source control to bind employee data to the gridview. The behavior described in this question is as expected.I am displaying 20 rows per page and each row has a checkbox in the Itemtemplate. I want to update all these selected rows in one shot. When you set text of a cell in grid, it directly affects HTML that is going to be rendered.



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