Updating iphone 2 2 jailbreak

It ‘always advisable to configure your phone as a new device .. For the address book, mail, bookmarks, applications, music and photos, to do a new sync with i Tunes.

For applications Cydia, reinstall only those necessary.

Upon unlocking your i Phone you will be able to use any network provider worldwide, saving on costly phone bills whilst also increasing the value of your i Phone.

There are numerous factors why a homeowner need to think about jailbreaking their phone.

The whole process, even counting the time for a restart of the device, takes about 30 seconds! We do not recommend backup restore through i Tunes if these were made by a firmware 3.0.x.

A substantial firmware update results in significant changes that often a backup can change, compromising the proper functioning of the device.

The Jailbreak has been completed and was successful.

Wait those 20 seconds it took to restart the phone and when you are on the Spring Board will not have to do is launch Blackra1n through the appropriate icon, and download Cydia. You can enjoy your device updated, unlocked and jailbroken with the latest available firmware and Cydia.


Click that button, and you’ll notice the words “Entering Recovery”.

In those seconds, the program will launch a completely automated process that will put the i Phone / i Pod in recovery mode and then run the Jailbreak and install the application on the device Blackra1n. IPhone Geo Hot image will appear full screen on Mac and meanwhile you will notice this in writing: 4.



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