Updating firmware thomson speedtouch double your dating cds


The firmware on the Alcatel/Thomson/Technicolor Speed Touch series of modems can be upgraded, although it is a complex process to do so.

Speed Touch firmware can only be upgraded within the same version, due to hardware driver compatibility.

In February 2014 Linksys and Asus routers were found to be subject to malware attacks that allowed remote control of the router with the aim of collecting banking information.

The vulnerabilities were later corrected by the router manufacturers though firmware updates.

Thomson - Speedtouch 585 (Thomson v6 Firmware) Screenshot Database Some screenshots have small distortions that where used to blur out personal info such as IP addresses and usernames.

Like any computer operating system, router and modem firmware may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malware.

This does illustrate why it is important to ensure that your modem and router firmware is kept up to date and if new versions are released by the manufacturer to install them where possible.

Whether updates are available will be indicated by the manufacturer on the product page for the particular model on the manufacturer's website.



The method should be identical for other Speedtouch 5xx routers.The updater is really just a bootp, tftp and dhcp server application. The instructions for installing packages are Debian/Ubuntu specific.



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