Updating drm

But unless you follow a specific procedure spotlighted in a new Apple support document, the fix could create even bigger problems for your library.

Apple notes that if you download 12.2.1, “previously matched songs [that] appear as Apple Music songs” will be fixed, as i Tunes will “correct the information automatically.” Indeed, you’ll see that Matched or Purchased songs that switched to “Apple Music” status now say Matched or Purchased again within the i Tunes library.

You will have to follow the procedure that Apple has outlined in the new Support document to fix this issue without deleting your purchased songs.

However, if you are assuming that by simply updating to the latest i Tunes version would rid you of all these issues, my friend, you are being overly optimistic.

Once updated, i Tunes 12.2.1 will certainly shuffle your songs under Matched and Purchased categories but you might get into bigger problems.

One major problem — automatic switching of certain i Tunes Match songs to “Apple Music” status, along with the unwanted addition of Apple’s Fairplay DRM — is mentioned in i Tunes 12.2.1’s release notes.

Apple says the update resolves an issue “where i Tunes incorrectly changed some songs from Matched to Apple Music,” and lets you restore non-DRMed files to your library.

It also claimed to fix quite an annoying problem where i Tunes Match songs were classified as Apple Music resulting in an unnecessary of addition of DRM.

i Tunes 12.2.1 helps in restoring non-DRMed files to your library and fix the entire classification issue.



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