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I’m hoping this would be adequate for your needs because pivot table should automatically update (provided range is appropriate) in response to additional data with refresh. in the edit are not required if the pivot table is in a different sheet from the source data (recommended). in the edit is a change to simplify the consequences of expanding the source data set.If not (you hard taskmaster), continue but beware that the following steps would need to be repeated each time the source data changes. However introduces into pivot table that if to be hidden may need adjustment on refresh. I've +1'd the question because it turned out so much more complex than it looked - preserving multiple values for Name/Month are why Kyle said "won't work" and are more of a problem than I had realised.Happy to explain further/try again (I've not really tested this) if does not suit. So may be better to adjust source data range each time that changes instead: Pivot Table Tools, Options, Change Data Source, Change Data Source, Select a table or range). Have you checked whether works with more than 'doubles' (I think it should for 3+ also) but I didn't bother to test that while still uncertain whether even for doubles this would suit!EDIT (To avoid second block of steps above and facilitate updating for source data changes) .0. Also, curious to know if you stopped at the pivot table or continued with the tedious rest?This gives a huge opportunity for tight Apps Script and VBA integration as well as access to many Java Script open source libraries. Rememer to look at the dependency file for the Excel references required.


Why not just execute them locally in Java Script, using the JS interpreter built into Windows.This shows how even very complex code such as Crypto JS can be executed under VBA. It's been put there automatically - you can use Getting started with Vba Git to pull it into your workbook or just download it.In addition to all the Java Script that people are generating for Apps Script, there are millions of libraries and useful pieces of code out there - and it would be great if we could just pull it in to VBA as easily as we to do web apps. I've used this a few times before, for example - How to use java Script from VBA and How to pass arrays between java Script and VBA, but now were' going to go a little further and allow inclusion of internet and local based scripts in your VBA procedure.The reason I got started on this, is that I began to port the Crypto JS libraries from Java Script to VBA this morning, then I realized I was wasting my time.


Yeah, it works for any number of Name and Month and because it's not checking the Value column, it doesn't matter if the value is repeated for the same month and the same name.I didn't do the rest either as I much prefer self-updating things but if it were to go into a presentation, I would definitely use the rest of it!



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