Updating cpu

This happens because usually motherboard manuals are written well before all CPU models are available on the market, so your motherboard may accept a faster CPU than your motherboard manual is telling you.You can only replace your CPU with another CPU that uses the same socket.Before replacing your CPU we strongly recommend you to perform a BIOS upgrade on your motherboard to update your motherboard with the latest available BIOS.I've recently realized that my computer is rather old and would like to upgrade it.I'm currently running with: AMD Anthlon II x2 270 Prcessor 4GB Ram Ge Force GTX 650 I'm afraid I have limited tech knowledge so was just wondering, which of these would be the best to upgrade? As well as picking which one to upgrade, I would also appreciate suggestions on how to upgrade it, (i.e.



Otherwise you will need to replace also your motherboard (and maybe other components, like memory, if your new motherboard requires a different kind of memory, for example).

On the next pages we will list all CPU upgrading options you have depending on the CPU socket your motherboard has.



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