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Of course, for users who still rely on Windows 7, there are solutions that allow you to run the operating system on your Mac.

Both Parallels Desktop 10 and VMWare Fusion 7 Pro support versions of Windows back to XP and feature an integrated experience designed for the latest version of OS X.

Microsoft recently announced that it would be taking a page from Apple’s playbook and allowing existing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 for free, giving those stuck on older versions a chance to update to a Boot Camp-compatible system.

In both cases, Boot Camp requires an ISO file to correctly install Windows 10 in its hard drive partition.

Microsoft currently provides its 64-bit operating system as an ISO file, installation DVD or on a USB flash drive installer.

Users can manually check for system updates via the Mac App Store.



Along with Windows 10 software features, Apple says Boot Camp installs support the usual keyboard, trackpad and mouse hardware, along with USB 3 ports, USB-C on the 12-inch Retina Mac Book, Thunderbolt, SD or SDXC card slots, built-in or USB Apple Super Drive.

Apple also provides a list of Macs that support 64-bit versions of Windows 10: Installing Windows 10 on a Mac that sports a Fusion Drive, Apple's branding for hybrid SSD/HDD systems, creates the Windows partition on the mechanical drive.



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