Updating blackberry 8830 os

At least it worked relatively well with all the email, contacts, and calendaring needs that I had -- so I lived with it.Still, I had been really tempted to upgrade to the OS version 4.5 of the Blackberry -- even though it was not "authorized" by AT&T.(You can check the availability of your Blackberry on this liek here: https:// I had learned that you could use the version of the software available from Rogers Wireless and the upgrade would still work great even on the AT&T / Cingular network.There were some rumors that there might be problems with Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES) like the one my device ran on, so I held out.

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I had been thinking about it for a couple of months. The new features and upgrades to the version 4.2 of the Blackberry operating system by RIM were extremely attractive.

In fact, I had loathed this 4.0 operating system on my Blackberry -- frequent locks, problems with the GPS, no HTML email, the list went on and on.


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