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For the first time in print it can be reported that Britain's automatic telephone history goes back somewhat further than assumed, in fact to 1898, when the first dial telephone installation was ordered.The Strowger organisation was involved throughout the whole era, from the outset in 1898 to the present day.Britain is often accused of being slow to adopt new technology for its telephone service, and the delay of twenty years between the introduction of the first automatic telephones in the world (La Porte, Indiana, USA) and Epsom's inauguration is sometimes cited as evidence.A little research, which grew into a lot of research, led the author to uncover new facts that now alter and correct that impression.This brief survey tells the story of the Edge Lane site, long known as Strowger Works, and the telecommunications industry in Liverpool, a long and proud tradition.Products made here have shaped the development of telecommunications in Britain, have been exported all over the world and can truly be said to have benefited every citizen of our country.The Liverpool organisation can lay claim to a story of continuous innovation and success, not only in the home market but world-wide.The timing of this study (just after the 75th anniversary of the opening of Britain's first public automatic exchange in 1912) also allows us to correct the impression that automatic telephony was slow to take root in this country.


The timing of this study is not accidental: it is issued at the time of the 100th anniversary of machine (as opposed to manual) telephone switching, and commemorates the original invention in 1889 by Almon B. One hundred years on, we can see how this developed into the world's most successful telephone system and note the role played in this by the workers of Liverpool.

The successive owners of the Liverpool site, culminating in GEC-Plessey Telecommunications (hereafter referred to as GPT) have had close associations with the Strowger organisation since early times and have played a significant part in world telephone development through the productions of the Strowger Works in Liverpool.



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