Updating automatic electric ae 80


A pre-ride walk-around reveals other new details, led by an updated headlight assembly (with dual remote aiming adjustments) that is flanked by air intake slots, just part of numerous mods aimed at improving air management throughout the bike.

As indicated by the bike’s FJR1300A nomenclature, anti-lock brakes are now a standard feature of every 2006 FJR, upping the base price to ,499.

Also new is a Unified Braking System, which is Yammie’s way of saying linked brakes.

The front brake lever actuates six of eight pistons in the monoblock, differential-bore Nissin calipers, while the brake pedal actuates the rearward two of four pistons in the right front caliper, in addition to the rear brake.

To maintain even pad wear, the brake-pedal-activated front pistons are smaller and bite on smaller pads than the other three pairs.

Still, the “Supersport-Tourer,” as Yamaha likes to describe it, was not without a few quirks.


The ’06 FJR displays a few cosmetic changes, like new headlights, twin-stalk mirrors and improved fairing venting.

Seen in this picture are its adjustable louvers at the trailing edge of the side fairing in their extended position, further helping to shed heat.

With the 2006 edition, the FJR1300A, Yamaha has addressed its few drawbacks and given it a fresh styling update.

And the optional AE version is fitted with a clever automatic clutch and a remote shifter toggle on its left handlebar.

|Articles|Articles RSS A legend in the motorcycle industry, Duke Danger is known for his wheelie riding antics, excellent writing skills, appetite for press intro dinners and a propensity to wake up late.Once a fearless member of the Moto USA team, the Canadian kid is often missed but never forgotten. Although the FJR wasn’t the most powerful (Kawasaki ZZR1200) or the most luxurious (Honda ST1300), its hunger for speed combined with its far-ranging versatility made it our class favorite.



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