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The importance of ADS's role in supporting the scientific community has been recognized by societies and individuals.The ADS provides the my ADS Update Service, a free custom notification service promoting current awareness of the recent technical literature in astronomy and physics based on each individual subscriber's queries.Every week the my ADS Update Service will scan the literature added to the ADS since the last update, and will create custom lists of recent papers for each subscriber, formatted to allow quick reading and access. As an option, users can elect to receive updates on preprints published on the ar Xiv e-print archive via daily emails or by subscribing to a custom RSS feed.Please note that all abstracts and articles in the ADS are copyrighted by the publisher, and their use is free for personal use only.For more information, please read our page detailing the Terms and Conditions regulating the use of our resources.The ADS maintains three bibliographic databases containing more than 12.3 million records covering publications in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, and the ar Xiv e-prints.Abstracts and full-text of major astronomy and physics publications are indexed and searchable through the new ADS "Bumblebee" interface as well as the traditional "Classic" search forms. In addition to maintaining its bibliographic corpus, the ADS tracks citations and usage of its records to provide advanced discovery and evaluation capabilities.There are some simple guidelines to follow, which vary depending on the article version you wish to share.


Authors who publish in Elsevier journals can share their research by posting a free draft copy of their article to a repository or website.Researchers who have subscribed access to articles published by Elsevier can share too.In 2016 the ADS Users Group (ADSUG) was established to advise the project and to recommend changes and improvements to both its services and procedures in order to maximize the scientific productivity of the community it serves.The ADSUG will advocate for the user community and provide suggestions regarding content curation, technical infrastructure, management, and priority setting.

Integrated in its databases, the ADS provides access and pointers to a wealth of external resources, including electronic articles available from publisher's websites, astronomical object information, data catalogs and data sets hosted by external archives.

We currently have links to over 11.7 million records maintained by our collaborators.



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