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TO RENEW AN EXISTING PASSPORT, follow the steps on the renewal application form to mail in your passport renewal.We provide passport photos on-site for each (set of two), or you may provide your own.Passports are renewable up to fifteen (15) years from the date of issuance.After the fifteen year period has expired, you must apply as a first time applicant. Department of State does offer an expedited application option for an additional fee.We can only accept checks or money orders for the application fees which are remitted to the U. A fee of 2.5% is assessed by the electronic processing company on all credit and debit card transactions.This fee does not go to the Knox County Clerk's Office.

The completed application will be sent to the Passport Services in the US Department of State. The Knox County Clerk's Office accepts cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and American Express) for photo and execution fees. We cannot accept cash or credit card for this payment.

Those living in a foreign country (other than Canada) should renew their passport in person at the nearest U.

Be sure to take along all the materials listed above, along with your payment.

When you submit a check, you are authorizing electronic movement of funds from your account to the Knox County Clerk's account for payment of your transaction.

The application form for new passports will be provided in the office when you come in.

For detailed and up-to-date information about Passports, including age requirements and FAQ’s, please visit the U. Department of State’s website at Passport services are provided at the following times and locations: APPLICATION STATUS To check the status of an application you have submitted, click here: Check Application Status Note: The status is typically available online 5-7 days after applying.



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