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Whenever in this chapter the criminality of conduct depends upon a victim's being incapacitated, no crime is committed if the actor reasonably believed that the victim was not incapacitated and reasonably believed that the victim consented to the act. Source: Sources: ( Copyright holders: We are not trying to assert any rights to your article.



This statute refers to relationships between persons who become sexually involved 16 or 17-years-olds, and who are in a position of authority over the younger person and use this authority to gain a sexual advantage.Such a situation might exist between a 16 or 17-year-old student and a teacher or coach who is at least 60 months older.i don't know the exact location of this, but it is posted in the bathroom stalls at all of the parks. Other than cursory review, no efforts have been made to independently verify the current status of the legal statutes contained in these page nor whether any cases used as examples are still precedent.it problem has been between men over the age of 18 so it's not one person was under the age of 17. Do not rely on this information to make legal decisions.

it is because anal penetration is illegal no matter who does it. You should contact a legal advisor in your area for a proper determination of law on any questions you might have.the mother of a friend of mine got arrested for sodomy for oral sex and the boy was 17. A person commits the crime of sexual misconduct in the first degree if he has deviate sexual intercourse with another person of the same sex or he purposely subjects another person to sexual contact or engages in conduct which would constitute sexual contact except that the touching occurs through the clothing without that person's consent. Sexual misconduct in the first degree is a class A misdemeanor unless the actor has previously been convicted of an offense under this chapter or unless in the course thereof the actor displays a deadly weapon in a threatening manner or the offense is committed as a part of a ritual or ceremony, in which case it is a class D felony. Any emails and other user comments and opinions included on this site are the opinions of the creator of the message and are not necessarily those of this site, its editors, advertisers or other affiliated entities.



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