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Manafort's work as a political consultant for Yanokovych's pro-Russia party has been disclosed before but not how he was paid for his services.

The companies also tried to sell million in Ukrainian television assets, the documents revealed, to none other than Paul Manafort and a business partner - a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska with close ties to the country's president, Vladimir Putin.

In a statement of his own, released after the article was published, Manafort said, 'Once again The New York Times has chosen to purposefully ignore facts and professional journalism to fit their political agenda, choosing to attack my character and reputation rather than present an honest report.' Continuing, he said, 'Further, all of the political payments directed to me were for my entire political team: campaign staff (local and international), polling and research, election integrity and television advertising.

We have an analysis going on to confirm whether this is his signature or not and, if not, who this signature belongs to,' a spokesman for the country's anti-corruption bureau said, the network reported.

His lawyer Richard Hibey has also denied he received 'any such payments' or that he was involved with anyone who broke the law.


The two's relationship is said to have led to Manafort working for the pro-Putin leader of the country, who is now deposed The senior Trump aide's name is mentioned 22 times in the handwritten 'black ledger,' as it is being called in Ukraine, recovered from the office of Yanokovych's party, but it is not been proven that he accepted those payments between 20.'We can’t say 100 percent that this is his signature.


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