U thhe dating of phosphates apatite monazite and xenotime Im livevideo web cam chat

Thermodynamic, XRD, IR, Raman, and electron microscopic analytical characterization of apatite across the F – Cl, F – OH, and Cl – OH joins.Experimental fluid-aided incorporation of (Y+HREE) into garnet as a function of P-T-X.High-grade fluid metasomatism in the lower crust and upper mantle The chemical and physical evolution and stability of the mid to lower crust and upper mantle can be strongly affected by fluids such as H brines.Studies of high-grade fluid metasomatism in the lower crust and upper mantle include: Changes in the mineral chemistry across traverses of both regional and localised dehydration zones.


Experimental fluid-aided incorporation of As and Sb into dumortierite under subduction zone P-T conditions.The experimental stability of scapolite as a function of P-T-X under amphibolite- to granulite-facies conditions.



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