Trisha krishnan dating

However, a bigger reason behind the split seems to be Varun's disapproval of Trisha's wish to continue acting after marriage. The couple was contemplating a June wedding, but so many heated arguments happened over this issue, and they eventually never declared their wedding date," a friend of Trisha told TOI.

An ugly spat over Dhanush's attendance at the engagement was another reason for the growing differences between the couple.

Trisha and Varun Manian reportedly had a major tiff over this. When Varun's father tried to intervene and calm the couple down, Trisha shot back at him and told him to stay out of this," a source close to Varun's family told TOI.

The actress has reportedly even walked out of an unnamed Tamil film project under Varun Manian's production house.

"From the beginning, he wasn't in favour of his son's decision to get married to Trisha.In fact, Varun's family and relatives expected Varun to get married to someone from a similar background," The Times of India quoted a source close to Varun as saying.All these developments have led to several speculations about their breakup.The latest buzz is that Varun's father, a big industrialist down South, was not happy with his son's decision to marry Trisha.

Varun, who is reportedly not on good terms with Dhanush, was angry over the actor's presence at his engagement ceremony.But Trisha had tried to defend her invitation to Dhanush stating he is her close friend and she could not have left him out of the guest list.


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