Trini sluts

And I tell you that when the oil done, you hear what I say?

I say when the oil done this whole country will be done for good and this place will become a SHANTY TOWN. The politicians only care about themselves and the police service is made up of a group of illiterate citizens. Carnival is a religion over here it seems…just now we will be celebrating mardi gras, where nudity is condoned.


Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Trinidad and Tobago. Public services are appalling (the police won't come if you call them unless you are a "somebody", the hospitals are so badly managed that the dead are not moved off the wards in a timely fashion, it takes 1 year to get an appointment to renew your passport, etc…)A quick search of newspaper articles will confirm this.As an example of the general moral deficiency of large parts of the population, here is what happens if you are bleeding to death in a car crash on the Beetham highway: people will run up, not to help, but to rob you.


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