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In this section, we'll talk you through various phases in the customer life cycle.

This phase of the customer life cycle – the process of converting a prospect into a customer or user - is often the most challenging.

Often, they have done so by signing up for a special offer or even a piece of free content. However, if you are purchasing a lead list, we recommend that you be extremely careful and research that the data you are buying is from a reputable company and won't put you at risk of violating any privacy or CAN-SPAM laws.

While it is an important part of the mix, email marketing is only a portion of the many marketing activities you'll need to master in order to effectively convert prospects to customers.

Another common term you'll hear used referring to this part of the customer life cycle is "leads."Leads are the names and contact information (typically in the form of an email address) of people who have shown an interest in your product, service, or brand.

Also like a human life cycle or a relationship between two people, you want your customer's life cycle to be as long and as fruitful as possible. While the quality and value of your company and brand goes a long way to building long customer life cycles, not unlike in real life communication plays a key role as well.

Because you won't experience real-life, real-time, one-on-one communication with the majority of your customers very frequently (if at all), your corporate communications, particularly your email communications, can fulfill the relationship building need here.


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