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It lets you find other Netizens and talk to them online in real-time using only a multimedia PC (speakers and a microphone) and the Internet.

Firetalk's sound quality is excellent even with a 28k dial-up connection!

o be able to talk with us (and other Netizens), get an expert advice or consultations for your travel preparations, you need a Firetalk software.

In fact, this program makes possible to talk surfing throughout .

The program also allows for online text messaging and chat with anyone who have the Firetalk installed.

Our entire site is voice enabled, allowing you to talk to anyone in the world who is also using a Firetalk.

This is just an introductory page, plus a possible meeting point for the joint Web surfing, since you can hear and speak to Netizens, who are at the same URL (iretalk is the Internet-based voice communication service allowing for the high-quality voice and conference calling combined with online text messaging and chat.

Yet it's still a 100% free Thai online dating site.


In Thailand there are unique challenges to finding love.Language and cultural barriers make it hard to express yourself.Firetalk allows one to talk instantly with others, you and your friends can arrange online voice meetings at specific sites, view various pages, browse collectively and discuss issues of mutual interest, and even meet new friends as you browse over the Web.ownload Firetalk, install on your computer and use it to talk to us, to sort out any of your specific inquiries, interests, travel info, services, various tour programs, whatever!To use Firetalk on the Web or in particular on our site, open Firetalk (while you online) and click on the his application is definitely another step forward in the Web development, enriching your surfing experiences and useful for live consultations: to instantly get answers to questions you may have, group discussions, round-table conferences, etc.

Our site gives you helpful new tools to make communication fun and easy.Thai XOXO offers you better features than even the paid memberships on other sites.


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