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His 1983 album "Living in Oz" was a commercial disappointment, and when the cinematic "Hard to Hold" appeared a year later it seemed like yesterday's news.

The plot has something to do with a grown-up pop star behaving like a teenager around a sexy, teasing, but reluctant female (she's no fan, which causes me to wonder why the women in these movies who play hard-to-get always get the hero's attention? Larry Peerce directed, and it's his most innocuous assignment since his early years in television directing "The Green Hornet".

This randomized control trial assesses the effectiveness of motivational interviewing (MI) to encourage behavior change in new mothers relating to caries prevention when caring for their newborn American Indian (AI) infants and young AI children. We hypothesize that when motivational interviewing is added to enhanced community oral health education services, the new mothers will achieve greater reduction of caries experience in their AI children compared to those who are receiving enhanced community services (ECS) alone.

Six hundred mothers or caregivers of AI newborns will be enrolled into the study and randomized to one of the two intervention groups over a two-year period.

The children will be followed until the child’s third birthday.

A cost analysis of the study is being conducted in tandem with the enhanced community services, motivational interviewing behavioral interventions, and the dental screenings for the length of the study.

Complications arise involving the ex-girlfriend Nicky, who is still in his band. Rick Springfield enjoyed a great run in the early 1980s, what with a starring role on the top-rated TV soap opera "General Hospital" and big radio hits such as "Jessie's Girl" and "Don't Talk to Strangers".


Actually, "Hornet" was more sophisticated than "Hard to Hold".

Springfield bares his 'assets' and plays to stadium crowds, but in reality he had already lost his magic touch.



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