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Examples Exclude a Word (-) 36 year old Londoner looking for friendship and hopefully love :-) I enjoy the quiet side of life, and can often be found at home with a cat working on my latest creation.

I love rambling around London, taking pictures and drinking hot chocolate. I am NOT a stud or butch..i don't believe in labels. I may not be perfect in any way, but I am worth getting to know and to be given a chance. I am looking for a real lesbian woman (NOT A FAKE LESBIAN WHO IS EXPERIMENTING, REALLY BI OR STRAIGHT AND WANTS TO PLAY GAMES AND USE ME) that is honest, caring, loving, polite, sweet, and loyal..doesn't judge at all.is older then me that has kids already but doesn't really want more kids in the future..will love me unconditionally for the person i am.is comfortable being herself and secure enough with her looks that she doesn't have to put make up on or go all out to feel sexy.. I love tattooed, pierced, women who can rock a snap back and a hoodie.I love films, and would live in a cinema if I could. I love a woman who has morals and respect...i love a woman who is old-fashioned..



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    Sure, there are isolated cases where a girl cons some poor guy out of some cash and then takes off once she gets her papers, but the reason you hear about these things is because they sell newspapers and get ratings on TV. There are millions of sweet, sexy, and caring young women that truly want a long-term relationship with a Western man.

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    Aside from customizing your avatar, the real focus of IMVU is interacting with other players.

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    Love is a hard thing to really capture in writing and images, so we decided to capture it in numbers instead.

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    One week after Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston addressed a viewer on the air who sent her an email calling her “obese,” she appeared on The Ellen De Generes Show and Radar has the hilarious clip.

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    We have a room full of awesome people like director/actor Alex Beh, a guy Marni met on a plane 8 years ago.

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