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Bradley faces charges of online solicitation, traveling to meet a minor after an online solicitation and marijuana possession.A Delray Beach man who used a web app called Boy Ahoy to send steamy messages and pictures to a police officer posing as a 15-year-old boy has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Mendoza's downfall began on June 6, when he began chatting with an undercover officer on a gay social networking application called Boy Ahoy."Hi sexy how u doing," Mendoza wrote to the officer, with the conversation heating up quickly, court documents said.The affidavit outlined the allegations: Bradley started chatting online with the "teen," saying that he wanted a "smoking buddy" and that he usually has about an ounce of marijuana on him. "Bradley stated 'I would love to show you the pleasure of being with a guy eventually.'"After chatting for an hour and a half, the two agreed to meet at a location not specified in the affidavit. Approached by another Boynton Beach police officer, Bradley dropped a marijuana joint. Bradley admitted to intending to meet the boy on Tuesday, but only "to get high this time."Asked if he intended to have sex another time with the 16-year-old, Bradley told police, "I don't know."Bradley has ten arrests since 1987, according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement records.His convictions include burglary and marijuana possession.John Michael Romero Mendoza, 26, was sentenced this week by Judge Donald M. The officer wrote back to Mendoza, saying he was 15. Get it hehe," the cop wrote before sending a picture of his profile page."Don't be nervous sweetie," Mendoza wrote, asking about the undercover officer's genitalia. The plea came two months after his arrest at a Boca Raton shopping center in June, according to court filings.Talking later on Boy Ahoy, Mendoza asked the undercover officer — who he thought to be a teenager — to ride his bike to meet him, court records say. They agreed to meet at a shopping center on Palmetto Park Road just east of Interstate 95.But when Mendoza arrived at the shopping center on June 7, there was no 15-year-old boy, just a few Boca Raton police officers waiting to arrest him.

The two had a "sexually explicit conversation," and Mendoza said he didn't "mind that you're 15," according to court documents.Police also said Mendoza's vehicle contained condoms, lubricants and pornographic magazines in plain view, according to the court documents.The 'teen' was actually Boynton Beach police detective Charles Ramos, who specializes in online cases.According to a probable cause affidavit for Bradley's arrest, Ramos was working undercover in an unspecified online social network on Tuesday when Bradley started talking to him. Bradley started texting with the undercover detective, who told Bradley he was 16 years old, prompting Bradley to call the undercover a "hottie" and ask the "teen" if he was a virgin."Bradley asked me about the high school I go to," Ramos wrote in the affidavit.

A Delray Beach man who allegedly told a "teen" he would like to show him "the pleasure of being with a guy" was arrested Tuesday.James Tracy Bradley, 46, was taken into custody by Boynton Beach police after agreeing to meet a boy he believed to be 16 years old, according to an arrest report.



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