Teen internet dating fraud

Sit down and watch “Catfish: The Movie” or “Catfish: The TV Show” to get an insider’s look at online dating, while also discovering some helpful tips for verifying a person’s identity.

Talking about it in a casual light by referencing an MTV show can start a dialog on the right foot, so you don’t come off as overbearing or out of touch.

Teens today are surrounded by media that normalizes the practice of online dating.

For example, MTV’s hit program “Catfish: The TV Show” illustrates the sometimes comical, sometimes devastating effects of meeting an online friend in person for the first time.

Remember to apply these safety tips to all realms, including online high school diploma programs and social smartphone applications.

Whether you commonly discuss online safety on a general level or would like to explore new dimensions of this conversation, online dating should be a top conversation priority.A good way to keep an eye on your kids is to join the social networks they frequent.



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