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“Tim’s super into her,” an insider reportedly told the gossip magazine. He’s very attentive and writes her sweet notes all the time.” While the rumors of a possible romantic relationship between the former NFL star and ex-girlfriend of Nick Jonas may in fact prove true at some point, in a bit of semantics, it’s highly unlikely Tebow thinks of Culpo as a “goddess” given his devout Christianity.

Tebow’s most recent attempt at restarting his NFL career met an untimely end when he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles after reports indicated he had “a pretty good shot” at making the team.

Lolo Jones is a beautiful, intelligent Olympic athlete, but like many women, she's still searching for her Prince Charming.

But this 29-year-old isn't willing to kiss as many frogs as it takes to find her special guy.


On Tuesday's episode of HBO's "Harder than training for the Olympics," she says.

” “I am,” says Tebow, to the shrieks of the women in the audience.



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