Taurus man dating gemini woman

Taurus runs the risk of running ragged and Gemini runs the risk of feeling bored to tears!As is underscored by their different speech patterns, Taurus and Gemini think very differently.

The social difference between Taurus and Gemini is also telling.Taurus tends to be a stay-at-home, Gemini likes to go out and socialize.While this may be true, what does that really mean? Astrology is very complex, and with all of the variables in one's birth chart, it is likely that marriage, Taurus and Gemini, they talk.This why they often change their minds, or make a faux pas; they are thinking things out as they go along.


So, in the interest of full disclosure, let's take a look at some possible shortcomings for this pairing.Chances are you probably know this by heart: Gemini's are chatty, Taureans are taciturn.



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