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Okay, I know that Takato has a crush on Jeri but the only hints that I really found while I was watching the show was when Jeri complimented him on being cool and Takato embarassly blushed and Guilmon asked why his face was red and there was the scene where Takato was talking to his cousin Kai and Kai said "First love" and Takato blushed a little bit and said "I liked her." but that was left anouymous but I'm guessing people would say Jeri.

Mostly the reasons I hear for why Ryo and Rika are the better pairing because: 1) Ryo flirts with her, 2)He's the Digimon King and she is the Digimon Queen and they are the best at the card came. Personally I can't see her falling for him, and if she does, just like a Takato/Jeri pairing I don't see it lasting that long.

Plus, while Takato isn't that great at the card game, you can argue that he's by far the best and most powerful Digimon Tamer in the series.(I refuse to believe Ryo from Tamers is the same one from the wonder swan games and adventures)Also I've always believe that Rika actually had a crush on Takato throughout the series, and if she didn't then, after the he risked his life to save her from falling of the train, I think she does now As a supporter of Rukato I have to say...

I haven't watched the English version in a long time.

I like Rukato more then Jurato since it does seem like they have something between them and Jurato is too boring and I don't really see or enjoy their friendship/romance relationship. I just want to explain some things, Rika did call Takato Lover Boy but I don't recall her calling him Goggles Head.

thank you, finally someone else who points out the possible relationships of others in the series and fully understands Rukato, not a lot of people do and a lot of Jurato and Rukato fans like to just stomp out the other, if you dont support the shipping, dont antiship it, When shipping in anime's I go based off what the writer has done throughout the series, who he/she has made most obvious, and who says just because you hook up with someone, you will stay with them, thats why I am going to restart my story "Digimon Tamers: Destiny" and get more into detail with it, and I am going to have Takato and Jeri as a couple right away, as well as Ryo and Rika, but they will slowly drift apart due to being to similar, and Rukato will happen because Takato and Rika bring out the best in each other, dont smash other shipping because you hate them.



Great essay, and I picked up alot of what you touched up on in the series as well.

Even when I first saw Tamers for the first time, I thought Rika and Takato would make a great couple, more so than Jeri.

And there really is alot of evidence of a pairing of the two.

I never really liked Ryo, he just comes out of no-where and I hated how he would flirt with Rika, especially after he had pretty much forgotten who she was the first time he met her again in the Digital World.


This is just something that I felt will *hopefully* justify the fact that Rukato is supported throughout the entire series, just not as explicitly as one might expect to see.**Note: Don't bash me for this; I'm simply stating a mixture of certain facts as well as my own opinions.



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