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From the pool I could see Afghan farmers working in the fields onthe other side of the valley and the snow capped peaks of the Hindu Kush in the distance. A local lad turned up who bizarrely spoke French so we chatted for a while and I started to think about getting out of the pool.Along the valleys and on the mountains hot springs appear and for centuries have remained largely untouched providing a meagre relief / luxury to those eking out a living from few fields level enough to afford some produce.The top attraction in this place is the hot spring that runs nearby.For many westerners it isn't realy worth the 6km each-way diversion from Anderob'.'Back on the road I saw a hot spring flowing into a round pool .


It was ladies time to bathe in the outside pool and we headed up a little hill to find this pool behind a wall. But local ladies were very comfortable and even commented on our swimming suits. I dashed back down the steps hoping that no-one had seen me; there were no shouts so I guess I got away with it.

Abdullah was at the bottom laughing and herded me into a bath house for another soak'.'Then next was a bath outside. There were about 50 of big Tajik guys without shade on their stuff.

The sanatorium has setup a little indoor pool where you can splash around in the 75c degree water, while it’s negative something temperature outside. We, the brave, Northern, Finnish people who spend all our lives going to sauna naked carefully covered ourselves. 'It alternates between men and women, and I'd looked across from the hotel and seen men getting changed, so decided it was safe to go.

Sharing the pool with a dozen naked Pamiris (as, we were joined by another jolly group later on) was definitely an experience that won’t fade quickly'. Somehow swimming outside in a hot spring in our birth suits did not feel comfortable. There was no-one around at the entrance so I walked up the steps in the travertine deposit and was greeted by the sight of lots of naked women.

Japanese call "Hadakano Tukiai" for going bathing with other naked people in the end of the 19th century the local inhabitants built altars - small niches in the rock near the place where water comes onto the surface; they put there various sacred objects and burning lamps'....and what the tourtit pictures end to miss out is the green surrounding fence and the various new-ish sanatoriumhotel buildings that crowd around the small site.



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