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Many of them, including Scarlett, discover an aptitude for business.Scarlett's will to overcome adversity and succeed is the driving force for much of her actions.It takes 80 parts alkalinity to neutralize and balance out 20 parts acid that comes from protein, carbohydrates, sugar, meats, breads, candy, beer, pizza, mac and cheese, fried food, etc. You miss 100% of the pitches that you don’t swing at. Use proper time management & prioritize your activities in relation to their importance & their proper order of priority on your list of goals 32) Schedule your goals, big and small 33) Take action 34) Avoid the paralysis of analysis 35) Look for the gift and positive meaning and lesson from every challenge, setback or failure you experience 36) Model the success of others to speed up your success 37) Eat 1 Worlds Best Salad every day for the next 30 days. 3) Purchase a phone/Skype coaching session or email coaching for yourself or a friend by clicking here.How to learn and apply the 38 best secrets of success so you can achieve all of your grandest goals and dreams in the shortest time possible.How you can live an exciting, happy, peaceful, effortless and relaxed life full of an abundance of all of the blessings that life has to offer. what ever YOU feel its worth, every time you feel I have given you a good tip, new knowledge or helpful insight.Gone with the Wind is considered an American classic.


1) You must know what you want 2) You must know and understand why you want it 3) You must have a compelling vision, purpose & mission for your life 4) Create a life of your own design, not one that other people or society has scripted for you 5) Think for yourself 6) Learn to use pain & pleasure as motivators 7) Learn to use fear as a motivator instead of allowing yourself to be hijacked by it 8) Measure your results: Notice what’s working & what’s not 9) Adapt your approach & try something else after analyzing your results 10) You MUST become ok with failure 11) Try to get a little better each day 12) Big goals are easily accomplished by breaking them down into smaller goals that can be accomplished daily. Repetition is the mother of skill 18) The more you have the freedom to spend your life in your own way, the happier and more prosperous you will be 19) Your revenues must exceed your expenses 20) Keep good records 21) Say what you mean and mean what you say 22) Find a way to take time to be grateful for what you have everyday 23) You time is limited, don’t waste a second of it living someone else’s life 24) Read any of Tony Robbins books or watch any of his DVD’s, CD’s and other self help products 25) Read or listen to Steve Job’s Biography 26) Read or listen to Marcus Luttrell’s book “Lone Survivor” or see the movie so you can learn to think like Navy SEAL’s think and apply their success wisdom 27) Like attracts like. Please feel free to donate any amount you think is equal to the value you received from my e Book & Home Study Course (audio lessons), articles, videos, emails, newsletters, etc.Long term small efforts equal big time goal achievement and successes 13) Take care of your body & eat an alkaline based diet to balance out and neutralize the metabolic acids produced by the cells of your body as they metabolize the foods you eat. Become the kind of person you want to attract 28) Work at building your confidence 29) Talk to strangers 30) Be bold, ask and go for what you want. 2) Referring your friends and family to this website so they can start learning and improving their dating and relationship life, happiness, balance and overall success in every area of their lives too!


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