Steve harvey on dating Adult secret friends web cam

This ridiculous dating video hoax perpetrated by Steve Harvey is being heralded as some Batman beacon for all the “nice guys” out there. In fact, this is straight up trolling at its worst. They ask the two men questions about their finances and the number of bedrooms in their homes.Please, if it hasn’t trickled across your timeline, watch this brief clip. At one point, they begin (on a date, no less) offering to hook the guys up with their other friends…or as I’m guessing given the lack of sparks on this encounter…frenemies.Nothing about their arrogant behavior is defensible, so don’t think I am planning to try.However, I will point out there is wrongdoing on both ends of the issue. The men are disguised to look less attractive, complete with at least one fuzzy George Jefferson hairpiece and even the artificial yellowing of their teeth.

The 21-year-old has only scored twice in the Premier League this season, sporadically showing glimpses of his potential - a far cry from his 28-goal exploits that fired PSV to the Eredivisie title and convinced the United hierarchy to invest in the Dutchman.

Nothing was said about their kindness, willingness to feed the hungry, love for their mamas, or even cooking skills. But they WERE better simply because of their earning potential, it appears.

Two: Steve’s point seems to be that the women were somehow wrong for not wanting to be attracted to their dates in this state.

And even more importantly, the host seems to be implying the ladies missed out by being shallow. Maybe your boo will eventually get to know your good heart, unselfish nature or rocket scientist IQ, but here’s betting he didn’t approach you at the coffee shop because he sensed these awesome qualities.


I don’t agree with the WAY they handled the lack of physical appeal, but it does work my last nerve when so-called good guys lament not being given a chance meanwhile entertaining offers from only Beyoncé and Lupita-level women.

(Cry about the friend zone all you want, some of y’all deserve to be there.) And if what’s inside is so important, why was the shocking conclusion of this decepti-date simply that these men actually have money?


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