Stereotypes in dating

We’ve identified these men, their behaviour and chances of winning dating show glory.Mysterious Cool Guy Proficient at the ‘smoulderer’ look, the mysterious guy doesn’t talk much instead letting his silence do the talking.Odds: 150 / 1 Novelty Guy Will often arrive wearing a purple tuxedo or in knights armour professing his love for the woman. Expect novelty guy to shown the door at the first opportunity.Odds: 120 / 1 Athletic Guy Commonly known as the jock, Athletic Guy is all about beating everyone at anything.Often found peacocking on Tinder and Instagram, Tops Off Guy will arrive on the show wearing as little as possible.Tops Off Guy is known for punching out a quick set of push ups in the driveway before his time on camera.Often found staring off into space and disengaged from friendly banter, mystery guy will continue to keep everyone guessing until he’s booted off the show.Odds: 11 / 1 Tops Off Guy Spends all his spare time getting ripped in the gym and wants everyone to know it.


Often found performing tricks and making things disappear… Magic guy has a limited shelf life and will be lucky to get past the first round.

Odds: 12 / 1 Extreme Sport Guy Always a threat because he uses words like ‘dude’ and ‘like’, the Extreme Sports Guy will take the prize pig out on helicopters and hover ski boards just to show how awesome he really is.


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    This means that not only are they still in use here, but some sick bastard is hard at work designing new ones to meet the latest design fads. I spoke with a sausage vendor at one of the local farmer’s markets and he told me proudly that they make their sausage with only the finest pork, and oats. And once you’ve tackled that problem, perhaps you could attempt to hang the maps right side up.

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