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The story revolves around a character known as “The Bride”; a woman, eight months pregnant, shot in the head at her wedding dress rehearsal by her ex, the titular Bill.

Surprisingly, The Bride survives and wakes up years later from a coma bent on revenge against Bill and his accomplices.

When the inevitable plot twist is revealed, the tone of the movie is not that of a righteous battle between two sworn enemies but rather a long conversation as to why they have reached this point. It’s a moment that makes you realize that she’s leaving the violence behind her, and you believe it. In her first appearance Noble stops the Doctor from committing genocide and grounds him back to earth.

She also rejected his first offer to become a companion.

Donna didn’t want to be someone who was merely a passenger, she wanted to be an equal.

For the purposes of this list, one of the main components I’ll be discussing is a characters sense or purpose and motivation, also known as agency.

Each character is not listed because they are “badass” though some of theme certainly are but instead are measured by how much they take control of their own actions and are defined by their choices.



In celebration of this day, I thought it would be fun to talk about 10 roles in movies and television that not only defied stereotypical depiction of women, but have also become icons in their own right.

Of course this isn’t a comprehensive list and there are still plenty of examples not featured here, but this is a great starting point.


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