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The erstwhile Jewish community centre, built at Mittelgasse 16 in 1845-46, is architecturally accented by Roman arches.

The synagogue adjoined the building to the east; the western section included a classroom at street level, the residence of the school teacher and cantor on the floor above.

A ritual bath house was situated on the south side of the synagogue's yard.

Following its restoration from 1985 to 1987, the synagogue building is now used for lectures, concerts and other cultural purposes.

More than 300 years old, the cemetery is situated east of town in a romantic forested setting.

Jews from neighbouring locales are also buried there.

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A home to Jews since the 17th century, the town's Jewish population peaked in 1846 when 142 represented about one-tenth of all its citizenry. Nowadays, its Jewish cemetery and former synagogue, now restored, bear testimony to their former presence.The alley ends at the "Judenturm" (Jew Tower) that was part of the towns fortifications.The synagogue at Buergermeister-Ehret-Strasse 5, built in 1906, was destroyed in 1938.It is only a few kilometers from Weinheim to Mannheim.


The bath house has been converted into a memorial to the former Jewish community.South of Hemsbach, in Weinheim, the "Judengasse" (Jew Alley), dating to the Middle Ages, is one of the mementoes recalling the former Jewish community.


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