Star trek dating sim

“I wanted to learn how to code but knowing how my brain works I'd only be able to do it if I was interested in the project - that's where Star Trek came in.

Little did I know it would become so successful,” he said. “We get on average people spending two hours a week chatting with other members.

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No crew inside, but lets just pretend it's one of those episodes where the entire crew went together in holy nerdtrimony.“I'm a huge fan,” said Jonathan Bird, managing director of Warehouse Dating and creator of Trek Dating. I do have models of the Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant and Deep Space Nine at home and even at the office I have a picture of the USS Enterprise-D on my wall.”Bird’s passion for meant it was easy to choose a coding project that would be meaningful to him.The search system, which has more than 150 combinations, helps people “scan” for their partner and is one of Bird’s favorite parts of the site. That's staggering when you stop to think about it,” said Bird.Bird met his own wife on the site, two days after she joined.

That’s not the only success story Trek Dating boasts, either. “That wasn't the case before and it wasn't by design,” said Bird.

“We actually received a wedding invite in Klingon about a year ago from a couple who met on the site. “I underestimated just how different our systems would need to be...


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    Most times of the day or night you will find at least one chat room moderator hopping through the system and keeping the most annoying people from abusing the text chat window as well.

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    This is demonstrated by the huge amount lost to online dating related crimes last year, with the average loss standing at a worrying £10,000.

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    By using our Site, and/or providing information to us, you consent to the collection, maintenance and use of this information by us.

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