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Despite all the hoo-ha, it seems it could be the accessible zombie survival epic for which many have waited.

Day Z should watch its back: H1Z1 is well worth a look.

It’s quite regular to spawn, do initial crafting, search a house, get into a fight and actually win, all within a few minutes. Considering the source material, that’s welcome empowerment. I played Day Z last May and wrote a quick guide about how to start while getting dead many times.




Again, you feel as though the situation isn’t entirely helpless. The reality, of course, is that you usually die almost instantly, but at least you had a fighting chance.

Most players you encounter will immediately attack, but for all the screaming about play-to-win I’ve seen no-one with a gun. Becoming with any kind of long-term survival in H1Z1 is going to take time, so why spend real money beyond the price of entry?



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