Speed dating in glasgow


Bookings made online have no booking charge - simply click on your preferred event to book now.Over the years, Speed Dating has attracted, professional, personable, IT literate, smart individuals.They are often from a professional or academic background and are people who have thought the dating game through carefully and appreciate the value of face to face meetings.It’s the only form of dating where you can test out that vital chemistry right upfront and see if there is a spark and that has to be miles better than messaging and emailing for weeks or maybe even months via online dating, for it all to collapse within a few minutes, because the person you are meeting is clearly not what you expected or were anticipating.Online Dating has advantages and can be good value for money but you are always taking pot luck.We don’t feel there can ever be a substitute for meeting prospective partners face to face to see if that spark is there and Speed Dating provides you with the opportunity of more dates in the space of one evening out than you’d normally get in 6 months.

Speed Dating was launched in the USA in 1999 and became established in the UK in 2003, with When the Music Stops as one of the pioneers and Glasgow as one of our most important initial locations.

Since that launch more than a decade ago, we have now run in excess of 5,700 successful events around the country.

Our Speed Dating events in Glasgow provide just that sort of opportunity. It’s safe, as everyone is pre booked and so has to provide their personal details upfront, it’s great fun and one of the best nights out going, so come and try it.

We’re confident you will enjoy it and be impressed.

Chose your venue and age group and book online using our very secure Sagepay system.The love of your life maybe only a few mouse clicks away!



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