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We are very proud to present our 2016 Menu, we’re confident it is our best ever menu and are sure you will love it as much as we all do here at Haché.Most of our new creations are burgers which have had exceptional reception as Chef’s Specials, so you can expect to find a sophisticated Steak Triomphe de Truffes, a new hot version of our Steak Mexicain, as well as our new Mediterranean Lamb burger, new Chicken Aphrodite and of course vegetarian choices and crisp salads for the summer.Added to our new entrée choice are incredibly ‘more-ish’ sweetcorn fritters. Our Truffled cheese frites are now on the Main Menu, as is our signature Ratatouille to give a real French flavour to our Sides Menu.There are many more surprises on our new 2016 menu, and we can’t wait to present them to you.


We are introducing a seriously indulgent Baked Camembert, drizzled in honey and chilli flakes.You can enjoy a Main course, side order and a drink for less than a tenner every week day between 12noon and 5pm.There is plenty to chose from and it is a great lunch treat. e’ve come up with a burger to celebrate the variety of complimentary flavours that go into making our burgers, and our menu so special. We’ve dipped our Christmas bird in buttermilk and dusted it with breadcrumbs, then topped with our own rosemary and red onion confiturra and pork sausage patty sitting on a brussels sprouts and bacon salad with a cranberry and Sriracha ketchup served on a toasted brioche.


This little beauty is is available from in all sites and it is part of our fantastic Haché Christmas 3 Course set menu for only 21.95, for more details visit our Christmas page Here’s a gift of an idea Haché Christmas vouchers… Purchase any amount of £10 Haché Gift Vouchers from your server, by calling your local Haché or email: [email protected] you know our London South West restaurants, Haché Chelsea, Haché Clapham and Haché Balham offer an express lunch menu for only £9.95?Warning, you will see a bunch of happy, talented, hardworking people enjoying a night out.



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