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And I am excited to share what I've found with you! It can actually turbo-charge the greatest potential within each of us. Here's some law of attraction research on positive singles and soulmates. I was seeking love advice with a karmic astrologer at the time, and I had discovered a particularly strong connection with someone. I also believe that the mythology (and more recently the mainstream) has been real culprits in twisting the meaning.


For years, I've wondered 'what is a soulmate' myself and have wanted to go deeper into the topic. In all cases, the dictionaries answer 'what is a soulmate' by describing a person with whom we have a feeling of deep comfort, affinity and compatibility. In my view, there is much more to a soulmate connection (that's why I'm writing a multi-layered site about it! More on the meaning of soulmate I believe that we can have true love connections in friends, family members, teachers, and even pets. The most intense, thrilling, excruciatingly painful emotional connections we've experienced romantically... But one that was intense, and the heartbreak experience which made me first consider karma What is karma? In fact, I believe there's a way to transform karmic relationships by moving a relationship up (what I call) The Soulmate Continuum. Yup, my reasoning is a bit broader than the question: what is a soulmate?

I've read and sought out information and all kinds of love advice. On what is a soulmate, what I've learned is that the purpose of a spiritual relationship isn't meant to merely fill a gap of loneliness, or ramp up your sex life (though great sex can be a wonderful side benefit! Some soulmate relationships, like twin souls, are even meant to have a greater purpose: one that is 'bigger' (if you will) then may have been able to meet individually. One of those 'right people, wrong time' kind of situations. I believe that the more of us that find our true soulmates, the more of us that honour our personal growh, cultivate our greatest gifts and embrace our purpose (whether we're intended to impact the world, our families, or the people down the block), the more we'll all benefit.

There's a world of a difference between your soulmate, your heart's other half and a life partner -- a person who lacks the elements to mold perfectly to you.

Your soulmate makes you feel entirely whole, healed and intact, like no piece is missing from the puzzle.

Enough to instill hope, clarity and inspire you during your own journey to discover 'what is a soulmate', and of course bring that man or woman into your life for the long-term. The Law of the Even Deal – and how it can make or break your relationship with Buddhist psychotherapist and author Tara Springett Soulmate lyrics – My personal, non-mainstream favourites...


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    When Stanford professor and economist Paul Oyer found himself back on the dating scene after more than 20 years, he headed to sites like Ok Cupid,, and JDate to try his luck at online dating.

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    You could go niche with sites tailored to single parents, country bumpkins, over-50s, Christians, or men and women in uniform.

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