Songs about dating violence


Often survivors of dating or domestic violence who do suffer rape or other physical violence in the context of their relationships say that it wasn’t the worst part of their abuse.While much anti-violence activism and media coverage tends to assume a “default” DV survivor, anyone — include men and genderqueer people — can and do suffer relationship abuse.Learn your rights by checking out the resources below, and push for your school’s policies and practices to be responsive to the needs of a diversity of experiences of violence. Look up your university’s 2014 Clery statistics on their website (often a Google search of your university’s name and “Clery reports” will turn up the data) and tell us what you find here.As of October 1, 2014, colleges and universities are required to collect and publicly disclose the number of reports of dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking (in addition to sexual assault) that they received each year in order to comply with the Clery Act. “I would hit you, but my words can hurt you more, you stupid bitch.” –Abusive ex-boyfriend as he cornered me in a kitchen and screamed at me.The singer/songwriter released the music video just days before Valentine's Day.He confessed to threatening me and to sexually abusing me, but he’s still on campus.Hozier's new music video for the song "Cherry Wine" depicts the cycle of domestic abuse that far too many women experience around the world.These survivors may need transportation assistance from their schools to obtain a civil protection order, or may have particular concerns about disclosing abuse at the hands of their partner — someone for whom they love(d) and care(d) — to campus officials, the police, or their friends and family.



While over the past few years an important national conversation has grown around the experiences and rights of sexual assault survivors on college campuses, there’s been little attention paid to the reality of other forms of campus gender-based violence, particularly those perpetrated by intimate partners.

Intimate partner violence (e.g., dating violence, domestic violence, relationship abuse) may include sexual assault but doesn’t always.


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