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Single men always perceive women to be something like a superhuman, especially when they have to converse with them for the first time.

And there’s also the other part, pick up lines are pathetic and they always come with rebound lines which can turn your first move into a walk to the guillotine. We can always rack our brains out for the perfect line, but surprisingly, believe it or not, there is no perfect first line!

“I just want to inform people not to get discouraged.” He advises guys to take an actual “no” seriously, but maybe not to immediately give up on seeking the woman of their dreams. “But don’t cross the line of stalking.” Sounds complicated?

Omar says breaking the female code can be intimidating for some guys.

But he’s determined to help them through with the Smooth Talk series.

“I would say it can help someone after watching a few episodes,” he says. And if it helps one person, I’m happy.” In this Smooth Talk episode, watch Omar break down five different kinds of “no” a woman may give to being asked out on a date.

what do you say when you have to talk to an attractive girl?

You could always use a pick up line, but at office or someplace other than a club, there’s nothing that makes you look cornier than to use a pick up line.It’s one of those lousy excuses losers use when they’ve been ditched by a hot girl at the bar. Man, I’m never gonna use that line again.” And then, again… I don’t like these guys who portray ‘the pickup line’ as a big tool to win over the beautiful damsel. Another bunch of guys I don’t like are the wannabes.


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    Both of these actors have explored there possibilities and the end product is this drama. It is with regret that Second Love "Get in late, Get out Early". Episode 4 was a smooth episode with success for both and especially Kei. The preview for 5 left me with a sense of uneasiness and I hope the unhappiness of the former boyfriend and the mother will not interfere with the relationship of Yuri and Kei. But knowing dramas as I do, I have this fear factor that something tragic could happen to Yuri or Kei and I will just hate it if my premonition is accurate.

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    Note that the differences in degree of patriarchy and matriarchy as variables would affect the degree and kind of changes we would see.

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