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Sasha Miller, International Managing Editor of Baby Centre comments: ' I don't think we should be surprised to see that some single mums-to-be choose to go on dates while they are pregnant.

Ideas about pregnant women dating may be slow to evolve but the whole attitude to dating has changed enormously in recent years.

(London, 30 July, 2015) - The majority of single mums-to-be are refusing to let their impending arrival and societal stigma stand in the way of finding a new partner, according to research conducted by Baby Centre.

61% are either already dating (13%) or keen to do so (48%), despite the fact that the vast majority (86%) feel they will be judged for dating while expecting.

71% say there is a stigma surrounding dating during pregnancy with 64% feeling they can't even tell friends or family that they are dating or considering it.

Of those that have told their loved ones, 58% report a mixture of positive and negative responses, with many saying that friends and family told them to focus on the baby and not on finding a relationship.

If you're single, going on dates with new people, perhaps who you've met online, is likely to be a normal part of your social life.

Most women who took our survey were looking for companionship from their dates, not sex.

More than a third (37%) said they wouldn't even consider sex with a new partner during pregnancy.

Despite the fact that a quarter of families in the UK are headed up by a single parent – with this having been the case for over a decade** – Baby Centre's research suggests that dating in pregnancy is one of the final taboos for single mums-to-be.

The research, carried out by the #1 digital pregnancy and parenting destination worldwide among over 400 pregnant women, found that expectant mums who find themselves single are following in the footsteps of supermodel Heidi Klum* and TV characters Rachel in ' Friends' and Miranda in ' Sex and the City', by pursuing love.

Single mums-to-be are hoping to find companionship (51%), romance (45%) and a life partner (40%) over sex (18%) or finding a father figure for their child (18%).


When asked about how being pregnant changes the way they feel about dating, the women reported feeling self-conscious (56%), embarrassed about their pregnancy (18%) and less attractive (40%).While one in five (19%) feel exactly the same as when they are not pregnant, only 3% feel more attractive, and only 17% are proud of their pregnancies.


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