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re therefore carefully and dilgemly to difchai^ the Duty of a « W^^/i.'/c'^ ///'^^'^»f- in 'eading, ordering and exerciling fid ^'m/i/tru/ . that, according to a statement made by his son, he never realized a cent from it.


Jonathan Hodges, ninth child of Jonathan, thus signed his name when he was captain of a Norton militia company. Samuel Danforth of Taunton, bought from his father the homestead farm and the fulling mill in Norton, and died in the year 1814. io Arms, both inferior OScers and 5 vldiers, and to keep them in good Order and Difciplioc ; hereby commanding them to obey you as dieir • i',-'~y'^/-^ji/fria-n-l andyout(elf to obferve and follow fuch Orders and Inftiuftions, as you (hall from time to time receive fxm Me, or the Commander in Chief for the Time being, or other your fuperior Officers for His Majefty's Service, according to nxilitary Rules and Difcipline, purfuant to the Trufl repofed in yoa Chen under my Hand and Seal at Arms at'^oyx otfy the 'T^? ./ Day of ^^''n-j/'/) - — In the ./^'/r A/ /^7j/ Tear of the Reign of His Majefiy King CEOK(J! the Second, Annoq; Domini, i 7/^, ■cv/) 7 '^r A^i/^/ -/«^--^--/ "~ COMMISSION OF JONATHAN HODGES, CLOTHIER. He married, in 1790, Sarah Danforth, great-granddaughter of Rev.


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