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Note: If you copy and paste the URL of someone else's photo into your Tweet (we call this a manual Retweet), that person's photo will then appear in your media timeline.The photo will not appear in your media timeline if you use the official Retweet button.For example, we were recently working on a very personal project for a client.This client had a great video to use for their cause, but because the project was so personal to them, they felt uncomfortable that all these random, unconnected videos were being offered to viewers at the end of the video.While I was searching for this solution, I came across a list of parameters that you can add to You Tube embed code to customize the player: You Tube Embedded Players and Player Parameters.For example, let’s say I think that the above video speaks for itself, and doesn’t need the title to appear on the player.

Please note that if you delete a Tweet containing a photo or video hosted by a third-party service, it will also be removed from your media timeline.

If you'd like the photo or video to be removed from the third-party service, you'll need to sign in and delete it there as well.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, You Tube displays related videos at the end of videos you have viewed.

This can be useful, but this can also be problematic.

I remembered that I had seen that you can remove related videos from the end of a You Tube video. Let’s say I want to embed this adorable kitten video in my site to share it with my readers: You see all those supposedly related cute kitten videos at the end?

How can You Tube dare to even compare this video with others?


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