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By exploring this website, you can download a voter registration form, print off an early/absentee ballot request form, and find out where your polling place is located.You must call 1-800-521-2779 for prior authorization to receive these benefits.(6) With Rental Car Coverage, Chrysler Group LLC will reimburse you up to per day for a rental vehicle (5 maximum per occurrence) any time if: A) a component fails and the component is covered by the 6-Year/80,000-Mile or the 7-Year/100,000-Mile CPOV Powertrain Limited Warranty, B) any coverage is under the New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty, C) the vehicle is inoperable because of the failure and D) repairs take overnight.The Election Commissioner's office conducts all federal, state and local elections within Lancaster County.This office also maintains a database of all registered voters in Lancaster County, is responsible for recruiting and training over 1,000 poll workers for each election, and locates polling locations for 198 voting precincts within the county.Car Rental Allowance coverage is not provided where loaner vehicle coverage is provided by the warranty or the dealer.


(4) Lifetime coverage is transferable ONLY in the states of Florida and North Carolina and the 7-Year/100,000-Mile (for 2010 model year and newer vehicles) or the 6-Year/80,000-Mile (for 2009 model year and earlier vehicles) Certified Pre-Owned Powertrain Limited Warranty must be transferred in tandem with the Lifetime Warranty.

(5) Administered by Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., Medford, MA 02155.

Maximum Care Limited Warranty runs from the date of sale of the vehicle or at the expiration of the 3/36 Basic Warranty.

For more details and a copy of the limited warranties, see dealer or call .

(2) 7-Years/100,000-Miles (whichever comes first) for 2010 model year and newer vehicles; 6-Years/80,000-Miles for 2009 model year and earlier vehicles. (3) Eligible vehicles include Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and RAM vehicles with an active 3-Month/3,000-Mile Maximum Care Limited Warranty, 6-Year/80,000-Mile or 7-Year/100,000-Mile CPOV Powertrain Limited Warranty with a maximum of 74,999 miles at the time of purchase.Powertrain Limited Warranty runs from the date vehicle was sold as new. For Lifetime coverage beyond powertrain (Added Care Plus and Maximum Care plans), eligible vehicles must be within 36 months of the in-service date and a maximum 36,000 miles.


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