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Her lips trembled as she tried to hold on to something. Arthur was everything she waited for since she was a little girl. Amy had reasons to be upset then, but what about Arthur?She lost her mind and shut herself down whenever the memories began to resurface, ready to destroy her again. She smirked and turned back to carry on sipping her Screwdriver.Her ex-boyfriends didn't understand that she didn't want normalcy. Eventually, the man realised he wasn't going to get another reaction, and decided to prey on another young woman just a few seats down.Amy smirked as she heard him say the same line to a pretty Asian girl who was leaning over the bar, talking to the bartender. She wanted a straight answer, and this man wasn't giving her one. " "Amy." "Sweet." Amy wanted to be straight with this man. As soon as she switched on the living room light, Wyatt rushed to the bookcase and picked up a hardback of Catcher in the Rye. Amy, this is my favourite book," he said, his eyes full of excitement. Amy wanted to pick up a suitable candidate from the bar, bring him home and make him fill her emptiness inside with meaningless sex.She watched as the Asian girl rolled her eyes and walked into the dancing crowd. As the bartender fixed her drink, she watched a man settle himself down on the bar stool next to her, in her peripheral vision. He wasn't a particularly sexy man, but he wasn't ugly either. Amy ignored his question and went back to her drink. Tell him her intentions, but he looked like another normal fella. She was looking for quite the opposite, but that wasn't something she could easily admit. "You look like you want to say something, Amy," Wyatt said. The bookcase and every book in it was actually her last boyfriend's. Instead, she was lying about her favourite book being Catcher in the Rye to a seemingly decent fella. We are available for Radio and TV work, Event Compering, PR and Media Consultancy, Ghostwriting - also foreign language translation and interpreting in French, German, Italian, Spanish and a bit of Dutch and Czech....At the Same Sex Open Dance Championship in Blackpool on Saturday, we had a chat with Michele Enwright (in photo) who, with her partner Rachel Meban, had just won the B Section in the Ladies Ballroom Event.


He was the guy her friends swooned over whilst she was lucky enough to touch him, and kiss him. She always knew that something wasn't quite right inside of her.

He was the star of her Disney princess fantasies when she was six, right up until the day she met him.


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