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Its the people who end up trying to build a relationship off of that who are stupid." In its own response to the campus outcry, the For better or worse, many drunken hook-ups on this campus are completely consensual. The groups who claim that the piece "normalized sexual assault," and those who claim that drunk sex "happens all the time" and that "people get drunk intending to hook up!

" aren't talking past one another—-even though they refuse to agree on rape, they're still voicing different perspectives on the same problem. " silly and baseless, why not ask them some alternate questions: Why is it considered normal for women on campus to choose disappointing, painful, hazy sex?

You're starting to think maybe this drunken hook-up was rape. You're starting to think maybe this drunken hook-up was a product of society's shaming of female sexuality, which encourages women to resort to dangerous, heavily intoxicated, and painful sex with strangers instead of openly pursuing empowered, respectful, and satisfying sexual experiences with desired sexual partners. You're starting to think maybe this drunken hook-up could turn into something. That’s more than okay—it adds to your 'mystique.' Flirt with them, step in a little bit closer, laugh at all his jokes, flip your hair, basically everything you see in the movies without the sex. " Many members of the campus community argued that she was. Not only does the column normalize sexual assault as a drunken hook-up that happens to everyone, but it places the responsibility of stopping sexual assault on women by telling them to 'slow the guy down.'” Readers also chimed in on the consent issue.


Wrote another: "If it hurts, and you’re so wasted you don’t know what’s going on, then that is rape. "I hear of this kind of stuff happening all the time. "On issues as serious as rape and sexual assault, they should know better than to cry wolf." The students crying "rape! " will probably have to agree to disagree—-if there's one thing I've learned from sex blogging, it's that arguments over whether theoretical scenarios constitute rape are rarely resolved.

And that’s not okay or normal." But others came to the 's defense. We’ve all been there at one time or another when you have drunk sex, so what? But that doesn't mean the two camps can't find a mutually productive discussion somewhere in this mess.


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