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In a perfect world Selina Meyer [played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus] should be the worst, most absurd character.Right now she’s kind of running second." Mandel said when it comes to a person such as Donald Trump, creating parody gets more challenging. "We don’t have one, there is no Trump character," he said."We’re not a real-world political show, we are inspired by [real-world politics]." "With Trump there are pieces of pomposity and absurdity that we’ve taken, but we’re not doing a real life documentary.

Trump must deal both with Democrats who view the president-elect on almost apocalyptic terms and those in..."We are now all rooting for his success," President Obama said Wednesday afternoon, referring to Donald Trump's victory. Based on the policies (mostly of hatred) that Trump has proposed, success for him would including building a giant... It's stability and the semblance of some recovery versus a psych-ward embrace of chaos theory; the raw, populist pitchfork rage on both sides of the partisan aisle more satisfied with making a point than making meaningful policy....Although many may not yet realize it, Wednesday morning the world breathed a collective sigh of relief as the United States elected Donald Trump as their next president — and rejected Hillary Clinton. The swing voters, as in most presidential elections of the past few decades, were white...Fear and anger have been the dominant expressions of emotion throughout this campaign.

Vice President Biden extended a hand Wednesday to Vice President-elect Mike Pence following his and running mate Donald Trump’s stunning victory on Election Day. Jill Biden congratulated the Indiana governor and his wife,...Donald Trump faces enormous challenges uniting a bitterly divided country in the wake of the nastiest presidential election many can remember.


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