Sex movies chay fox

A native of Southern California, Shay Fox has enjoyed every step she has taken in her professional life since day one.She grew up in northern California during her most of her life.She has a "mound of Venus" surface piercing and a script tattoo on left wrist but her possibly most peculiar body attribute is a set of tattoos resembling ribbons or staples that start from the back of her neck, down the length of her spine, doubled with surface piercings.


Flawless Hottest thing I've seen in ages, no rushing gently and sensually ramping up the touching and stroking and licking until the masseuse is naked and too turned on to stop the hot enjoyment!Found that it turned me hard like nothing else even before the masseuse lost her clothes! This steamy hot lezzie scene is ample proof that there's nothing hotter, sexier, steamier, more erotic, and more beautiful than lesbian sex, especially lesbian sex between two sexy women such as hot momma Shay Fox and this sexy cutie-pie! Star Nine has at least one more lez scene floating around and this one is a relatively-new casting, so I wouldn't say that she's retired yet.


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